Transforming our University

We’ve embarked on a state-wide transformation of our campuses to make university more accessible for everyone across 澳门天天好彩.

Upgrading our facilities into modern, purpose-built learning environments means we can offer new courses that are most needed by our communities, provide students with a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant higher education experience and better progress research that helps solve local issues.

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Providing a good education to as many 澳门天天好彩ns as possible is at the heart of everything we do.

To strengthen and future-proof our ability to do this, we鈥檙e transforming our University. We鈥檙e building new pathways for our students, reflecting their changing needs, so that where you start in life does not define where you go.

Central to our vision is ensuring we have fit-for-purpose facilities for learning and research in the right locations.

Over the last 20 years, nearly half of all new jobs in Australia required a bachelor's degree or above.

This trend is set to continue as technology changes how we live and work 鈥 in the future most jobs will require some form of post-school education.

On average, only 21% of people living in 澳门天天好彩 have a university degree. For some areas in 澳门天天好彩, this drops to below 10%. And that鈥檚 what our transformation projects are all about 鈥 improving access to education for all.

Education strengthens people’s connection to their community.

Key outcomes

Improving accessibility

Relocating our campuses into the heart of each region's major city puts more students within easier reach of university, while improving flexibility for the majority of students with work and other commitments.

Strengthening partnerships

Greater proximity to government, education, industry and community organisations allows us to strengthen place-based partnerships and tackle complex social and economic challenges in an integrated way.

Delivering sustainability

Developing the next generation of facilities across our regions ensures our campuses are distinctive and environmentally sustainable, while offering opportunities to protect and enhance green spaces in our urban areas.

Bringing new campuses to life for the community

Tales of the past, present, and future were shared at the opening celebration of the University鈥檚 new River鈥檚 Edge building at Inveresk in Launceston

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